Demise Of Gideon

  • Richard Baysinger – Guitars, Bass, Drums, Synths & Vocals
  • Chris Riggins – Guitars, Vocals
Guest Musicians
  • S. Lee – Vocals on Twingence
Demise of Gideon is a studio project, comprising of members of The Wick Theory & Fateless Tears.  Bridging the styles of the bands, Richard & Chris’ strive to take Melodic Death and Progressive Metal into new ground by blending the two genres.
Hailing from eastern New Mexico, the duo began songwriting in January 2010, with the goal of making an album that would bring the best aspects of the two genres together creating a brutally physical, yet intelligent sounding record.  Secluded in the confines of High Desert Sound, Richard’s studio, they constructed the album out of the desire for each song to tell a story. 1 song, a four song suite and a twenty-eight epic later, the duo started recording in February. Tracking was finished in June, and mixing and mastering was completed in late July.

Discography :

2010 : The Demise of Gideon CD The Demise of Gideon - Demise of Gideon

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