Fateless Tears

  • S.Lee Baysinger – Vocals
  • Richard Baysinger – All Instruments

Working from their studio located in the high plains of eastern New Mexico, Richard and S. Lee Baysinger form the nucleus of Fateless Tears. The duo fuses their passions for music, life, and the unknown to create music that beckons listeners to look within themselves to find the deeper meaning in their own lives.

The road to Fateless Tears would wind for many years before it would become a reality. Richard first started writing and recording music in the early 90s. He and S. Lee met in 1996 while both were at university; they were married later the next year. The first glimpse as to what Fateless Tears would become was when S. Lee sang lead vocals on “Liar (You Make Me),” off of Richard’s solo project release “Images from the Desert” in 2003. The reality of Fateless Tears was born in 2005 when S. Lee and Richard worked with CloMek Productions, scoring the soundtrack material for the short film “Last Rung on the Ladder.” From the sessions for the soundtrack, the debut disc “In Memory’s Shadow” was created.


2006 : “In Memory’s Shadow”
2007 : “Nightborn”
2008 : “My Doom Box”
2009 : “The Chaise”
2010 : “Hear, What You Have Been Missing”
2011 : “Dawn’s Oblivion”
2012 : “Halogen Dawn”
2012 : “Send Receive”

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