Time to meet the Ultimate Fate

Australian metal label BlueFreya Media and Sweden’s Ultimate Fate are pleased to announce an agreement for worldwide promotion and Australian distribution of future releases.

Formed in 2008 and based in Gothenburg Sweden,Ultimate Fate is a band with one foot in the classic and melodic heavy metal sound and the other in the symphonic genre.  All together with the powerful and ethereal voice of Jennie Nord, the sound of Ultimate Fate is quite unique in today’s metal scene. In April 2011 Ultimate Fate released the debut EP “Beyond the Horizon”.  The 3 tracks are a clear example of what Ultimate Fate is all about and is a perfect indication of what is to come with the debut album, which is currently being written and recorded.

Vocalist Jennie says “Ultimate Fate is very happy to announce partnership with BlueFreya who will help us with promotion and press related issues from now on! We hope that with BlueFreya’s help, Ultimate Fate’s music can reach many new fans … Stay tuned! /The ultimate crew”