• Vocals – Jay Clair
  • Guitar – G Max Horn
  • Guitar – Simon Bailey
  • Bass – Paul Stanway
  • Drums – Shane Turville

Bronson have been kickin around the traps since 2007. Whilst there have been changes in name and members over that time, one thing they have stayed true to, is their sound. Whilst they receive many labels (like the one above) the band tend to simply think that their music is Heavy and was made to kick your teeth in.

Over the years they have played with most of Melbourne Metal’s finest and have appreciated every moment of it. Every opportunity they get to be on stage is one which they leave it all on the line, they pride themselves on melting faces with their live shows.

Having released a demo in 2008, an EP in 2010, a Single + Doco in 2011, the band are now currently in the midst of putting together an album which will see the hard work and dedication over the past 6 years come together, with what will be their finest work to date.

Whilst they take their music seriously, the bands moto ‘life’s to short to be serious about most things, so we take each moment as it comes. We play as hard as we can live and we make awesome mates along the way, its the Melbourne Metal way of life.’ Their music is their passion, it’s unpretentious, heavy, and is all about the good times.

Discography :

2013 : Blood Brothers (Album)

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