Frantic Amber

Members :

  • Elizabeth -Vocals
  • Mary -Guitar
  • Mio -Guitar
  • Sandra – Bass
  • Emlee -Drums

In 2008 guitarist Mary founded Frantic Amber with the idea to have a band that could deliver more attitude and brute force than what is normally seen in all-girls-band. In 2009 the Frantic Amber line-up was finally completed and as it happens the band is now an international combo With Mary [guitar] and Emlee [drums] from Sweden, Elizabeth [vocals] from Denmark, Sandra [bass] from Norway and Mio [lead guitar] from Japan. The homebase is Stockholm/Sweden and Frantic Amber is now just that band it was intended to be from the very start.

A special brand of very heavy and very effective kick ass metal with female growl and clean vocals is on the agenda and the new video for “Wrath of Judgement” is a perfect testament to this. Be sure to check the band out either on the net or at our live shows.

Discography :

2011 : Wrath of Judgement EP Wrath of Judgement - EP - Frantic Amber

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