• Ivan Moregrim Cherednichenko – Vocals
  • Igor Cherep Cherepanov – Guitars
  • Nataliia Eviltwin Nazarova – Keyboards
  • Roman Zhbadinsky – Bass
  • Alexey Equinox Saltykov – Drums

Playing self-styled Marginal Metal, Ukrainian artists GrimFaith are looking to reach an international audience in 2011. With a powerful sound drawing on gothic/industrial influences and lyrics that both entertain and challenge the listener, GrimFaith are a band on the move.

“The new material by GRIMFAITH is not restricted to a particular style of music, being an experiment in the field of audio-influence for the pleasure centre of the brain. The effect is reached through the emotional processing of the innate and obtained phobias of the listener.”

The new 2011 EP “Hearts and Engines” features vocalist Lisa Johansson from Swedish gothic/doom metal band DRACONIAN and gothic/rock/metal band SHADOWGARDEN on the first track,
“Flower and the Bone”.

Discography :

2008 : Grime CD (Ukraine only)
2011 : Hearts and Engines EP GrimFaith

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