“Hear, What You Have Been Missing” released

January 5, 2011

Entitled, “Hear, What You Have Been Missing,” the 5th album from leading progressive metal band Fateless Tears is an anthology release. The album marks a turning point for the band; they are looking to their past and bringing forth 8 songs that define the band’s future direction. Leading off the album is the previously unreleased song “Primary”, which is also the first single from the album. Among the other tracks chosen are fan favorites “My Endarkened Self” and “Flicker”, which have been re-mastered, and “Cages” and “Inner Sanctum”, which have been reworked and rerecorded.

This is the band’s first release through BlueFreya Media, and they hope to bring their music to new fans through BlueFreya’s global presence. Vocalist and Lyricist S. Lee says “I am very proud of our signing with BlueFreya, we will finally be able to bring our music to the international stage in ways that were not available before. The new album sounds incredible; I love how we were able to give some of my favorite songs a new breath of air. A new life so to speak, I hope you all will enjoy them as much I do.”

Instrumentalist Richard Baysinger added “This marks a new chapter in our lives, and it is only fitting in moving forward to take a look at our past, and there is no better way to do that than give people the opportunity to listen to the best songs from our earlier material.”

Fateless Tears are at the leading edge of progressive metal, blending a the powerful songwriting of Richard Baysinger with the tender and unique vocals of S. Lee. The first glimpse of what would become Fateless Tears was in 2003 when S. Lee sang lead vocals on “Liar (You Make Me)” from Richard’s solo project release “Images from the Desert”. The band was officially born in 2005 when S. Lee and Richard worked with CloMek Productions, scoring the soundtrack material for the short film “Last Rung on the Ladder.” From the sessions for the soundtrack, the debut album “In Memory’s Shadow” was created. Five years and 3 albums later, “Hear, What You Have Been Missing” solidifies the duo’s place in the independent music world.

The album is available now for mail order on CD from the BlueFreya Store and from digital retailers worldwide, including Hear, What You Have Been Missing - Fateless Tears

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