March/April 2011

Compilation CD

The first compilation album from BlueFreya will be available worldwide as a digital download on April 14.

Featuring tracks from 14 bands, the album showcases a wide range of metal genres from a selection of bands from around the world.

A ‘teaser’ video including 20 second samples of each track is online now at

Great bands and great songs, “Born of Sand and Snow” is a perfect introduction to BlueFreya’s artist list.

(Blackthorn appear on “Born of Sand and Snow” courtesy of Hunter’s Moon Records,

Frantic Amber On Tour

Sweden’s Frantic Amber have just completed their mini-tour of Russia, ending with a co-headlining appearance at “Metal Valkyries 2011”. As well as delivering their usual heart-stopping blend of all-female Melodic Death Metal, guitarist Mary also prepared a blog for the tour. For a behind the scenes glimpse check the following blog pages :

Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5

(The blog is in Swedish, but English translation is available on the page)

New Artists

BlueFreya has reached agreement with two new bands…

Sad Alice Said : From Ukraine comes the Symphonic Metal band Sad Alice Said. Led by vocalist Alisa Shakor, the stunning debut single will be released in April with an EP to follow by mid year.

Vulvagun : Veteran Australian metal vocalist Wayne Dwyer puts his renowned voice at the front his new band, Vulvagun. Power metal at it’s finest erupts in May with the release of the debut album.

Fateless Tears

Dark Progressive Metal duo Fateless Tears are back in High Desert Sound Studios recording and mixing their second ‘anthology’ album. Titled “In the Midst of Sleep”, the album is a follow up to the first anthology album “Hear, What You Have Been Missing” which was released in December 2010. The new album will showcase the quieter side of Fateless Tears and will consist of remixed and remastered versions of songs from the first 4 Fateless Tears albums, along with an unplugged version of the track ‘Stasis’, and a new track.

Angelical Tears

Angelical Tears have been gigging strongly through the early part of 2011, and will be supporting Japanese metal legends Loudness on May 26. Visit the band website for more details.

Dark of Moon

BlueFreya has been working with film maker Taliesin Govannon as part of the production of “Dark of Moon”, a new independent film due for release in mid 2011. BlueFreya artists Temujin, Fateless Tears, Sad Alice Said, Where Angels Fall and Angelical Tears will all be contributing songs to the movie soundtrack.


Australia’s Gothic Metalers Temujin will be re-issuing their debut 2008 album “1000 Tears” through BlueFreya in April. The re-issue is the original 13 track album with 2 bonus tracks – a remixed version of “Heart and Soul”, and the previusly unreleased “The Rain”. The worldwide release is digital only and features a 15 page PDF booklet.

Release Dates

* Frantic Amber – “Wrath of Judgement” (EP), March 1
* Taramis – “Queen of Thieves” (album), March 3
* Taramis – “Stretch of the Imagination” (album) March 3
* Temujin – “Demons” (digital single), April 12
* Sad Alice Said – “Open Your Eyes” (digital Single), April 12
* BlueFreya Compilation – “Born of Sand and Snow”, April 14
* Temujin – “1000 Years” (album Reissue with 2 Bonus tracks), April 20

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