Nothing Sacred

  • Mick Burnham – Vocals
  • Ross Percy – Guitars
  • George Larin – Guitars
  • Karl Lean – Bass
  • Mark “Sham” Hughes – Drums
  • Previous Members… (1983 – 1986)
  • Mark Woolley – Guitars
  • Richard “Buddy” Snape – Guitars
  • Previous Members … (1987 -1990)
  • Terry Campbell – Guitars
  • Richard Bubica – Guitars

The band formed in 1982 under the name Vengeance but soon after changed to Heresy. In 1983 guitarists Mark Woolley and Buddy Snape were brought in, and the name changed again to Nothing Sacred.

Nothing Sacred were at the leading edge of the underground Australian Metal scene throughout the 80’s. The band featured a unique sound … blending the heaviness of American thrash metal with the melody of European bands like Iron Maiden and Thin Lizzy.

Known for their high-intensity live performances, the band played live constantly from 83 to 89, and toured the Australian East Coast (Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide) several times. In ’86 the band pioneered ‘cross-over’ gigs which mixed metal and punk when they did a number of gigs with leading punk band DEPRESSION. The band also appeared at all of the “Metal for Melbourne” concerts in the ’80s, headlining the 1986 event.

In 1987 the band released their “Let Us Prey” LP on Cleopatra Records in both Australia and Europe. Shortly afterwards Mark Woolley, Karl Lean and Sham rehearsed and recorded a Demo with Peter Hobbs as the foundation of Australian thrash legends HOBBS ANGEL OF DEATH. Mark Woolley left to join HAOD to create their self-titled album in 1988, and new guitarists Terry Campbell and Richard Bubica were recruited into ‘Sacred. Recording of a second album was underway in mid ’89 when personal issues caused the band to go on indefinite hiatus. The band reformed in 1993, with guitarists Woolley and George Larin to play a one-off 10th anniversary show.

In 2011 the band reformed again with guitarists George Larin and Ross Percy. The comeback gig on Good Friday 2012 drew a record breaking crowd to the venue, and was followed by second gig in September that was recorded and filmed.

The band are currently recording and writing material for a new album release in 2013.

Discography :

1985 : Deathwish (EP)
1988 : Let Us Prey (LP)

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