• Sarah – Vocals
  • Thibaud – Guitars
  • Leo – Drums
  • Paulin – Bass
  • Florian – Keys

The Internet makes miracles … this is where it begins …

2007 : Tib met Leo and Did on MySpace. A solid friendship started, and affinities were revealed by exchanging musical works.

2008 : The wish of a common musical project emerges. The idea is to create real symphonic metal music : a powerful power-trio supported by orchestral sounds. Is spite of the distance between the members, a repertoire of some 10-12 pieces was composed little by little. At the same time, Flo from Nancy joined the crew as the wizard of the keys, completing the instrumental section.

2010 : The band reveals the new “Everything”. Three tracks recorded, mixed and mastered; a new MySpace layout; artwork… and more to come. Tracks “Nefertari”, “Fly” and “Fighting for Salvation” were mixed, mastered and arranged by Vynce Leff from the french symphonic act Whyzdom. Myriam Chaban and Nora Iriarte appear as guests, singing the lyrics written by our brother Laurent Fabisz from the band Kryzees.

2011 : The next goal is to take our music to the stage…

Discography :

2010 : Nymphea (EP)

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