Red Sky

Red Sky is the solo project from Leo, the frontman of Ammonal (Alternative Melodic Death Metal Band from Milan, Italy), first begun in 2010.

The style is loosely “Alternative Instrumental Rock/Metal”, but unlike many other instrumental projects it aims for melody and musicality instead of useless virtuosity. The music is characterized by a reflexive and intense sound, sometimes closer to dark gothic atmospheres, sometimes closer to dreamy and experimental melodies.

The name “Red Sky” is inspired by the poetry and the beauty of sunrise and sunset, characterized by the red of the sky, and metaphor of life and death. Red Sky asserts that music is more important than image, that substance is more important than form … and to stress that we all wear a mask every day.

“Every profound spirit needs a mask” – Nietzsche

Discography :

2011 :Tra l’ombra e l’anima EP (Digital release October 25)

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