• Jadi-Anne Dee – Vocals
  • Monika Dee – Guitars

Supremacy is a professional band that strives on originality and quality when it comes to their songwriting and performance, They are very unique, strong and the live shows are always intriguing, vibrant, energetic and addictive. This is fresh, an experience of sound never heard before, Supremacy is unpredictable and capable of releasing many styles of music.

Supremacy was formed by Jadi-Anne and Monika Dee, two sisters that have come a long way, releasing albums, video clips and extraordinary live performance since 1996.

Supremacy are appreciated by their fans and are known to be the only female Metal/ Rock act in Australia.

Jadi-Anne is not only a vocalist she is and has been involved in many different forms of the arts, Jadi-Anne is a song and script writer, Actor and dance choreographer, creative director and also the manager of Supremacy. While Monika Dee is a songwriter-composer, Lead and classical guitarist, also the arranger of many classical orchestrations in the Supremacy albums.

These two ladies’ are a real pair, two sisters who really know what they want in the music of their band. It’s amazing the bond and how they connect to create such well constructed work.

Supremacy have worked with many professional musicians and producers in the past, One of them to be Endel Rivers of palm studio and the other to be Nawar Dalati at Sonic rock studio. Endel Rivers produced with Supremacy the 3rd CD “Angel” and also the 4th release “Vicious Circle” some additional recording with Nawar Dalati at Sonic Rock Studio, Australia.

Discography :

1997 : Short End Fuse (LP)
2001 : Blessed Be (LP)
2003 : Angel (LP)
2007 : Vicious Circle (LP)

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