Taramis began as Prowler back in the age of 1982. Craig Robertson- Guitar and Danny Komorr- Bass and Joe Cordina- Drums and Joel Southby -Vocals started playing Maiden covers at the Chelsea Heights Scout Hall. Mick Cawthan joined on second guitar, to become the Adrian Smith of the band. Prowler’s first official show was a battle of the bands where Prowler drank the rest of the bands drink rider. This was to be the start of many similar nights.

Around 1983 Mick left the band to look after the stage side of things. Prowler’s first metal gig was with Ion Drive and Nothing Sacred and was a total disaster. Playing Maiden and Sabbath songs and no originals did not go down well with the crowd, nor did Craig’s changing of guitar strings minutes before the show. After some time writing original songs Prowler returned to the stage. During this time the Blood and Honour Demo was released and sold well. Prowler played the in famous Metal for Melbourne show in 1985 adopting a Manowar style of stage presence. ( lots of fur) Soon after this Joe Cordina left the band. After a search behind some factories, Dave Browne was enlisted and so began the writing and recording of Queen of Thieves. At the same time it was decided to change the bands name to Taramis, taken from the popular live song ” Riders of Taramis”. Queen of Thieves was released 1988 through Metal for Melbourne Records and then Metal Blade Records. QOT gathered some good press and publicity in Australia and overseas. Taramis toured extensively throuh Australia with the likes of Mortal Sin and many other great Australian bands. Again one of the highlights was the prestigious Metal for Melbourne Show in 1986. A video of this show was released and sold very well locally. Not long after finishing much touring throughout Australia Danny Komorr left the band.

It was not long before a bassist was found. Andy joined and toured with Taramis throughout Australia further enhancing the great live reputation the band were gathering. Andy left shortly after and it was quite some time before a new bassist was found. It was at this time the band considered continuing as there were not many bassists in the local scene that really suited. Evan Harris joined in 1988 and the change was immediate. Evan bought fresh ideas and new influences to the band and worked in well with Dave Browne. Evan’s first show with Taramis was a 21st birthday for Dave’s sister, Cath. After a few shows together Craig Robertson decided to leave the band. This was a huge blow to the band as he had been one of the principal song writers in the band. After many auditions the band welcomed George Larin, known to the band from his work with New Religionand recently returned back from Germany after palying with Backwater. The band had a new direction and a new energy.

Stretch of the Imagination was written and recorded in 1991 and released through MDS and Rising Sun Records Germany and through IRS. SOTI pushed Taramis to a new level and supports with Ian Gillan and Sepultura followed. The band received great reviews for SOTI through Europe and in Australia and big audiences at live shows followed the release of the album. After much touring and shows some new demos were recorded for a new album featuring Never, Defying Imagery. The band slowly disbanded when Joel moved to Sydney. They did a couple of shows after this time and still drew large crowds. The band has never officially split and there are still many great songs still floating on demos and live shows. Dave Browne went on to join Clauz as their drummer for a few years before moving to Quensland. Dave passed away suddenly on the 6th January 2009 and is sadly missed by us all. Also George Larin has his own solo project – Larin ( see “Larin” ) and Evan is recording and playing with Black Majesty and the brilliant Eyefear although not an official member amongst other session interests. Joel has been doing Barbershop Quartet singing and Tom Jones impersonations. He is a current member of the Merv Brewer Steel Guitar Band . Their new album ” Choice Bro’ Nice Zephyr” is no longer available. Joel currently resides in the Bay of Plenty New Zealand. Evan and George reside in Melbourne.

Members :

Early Days to Blood and Honour Demo

  • Mick” Lights” Cawthan -Guitar
  • Craig ” Forehead” Robertson -Guitar
  • Danny” Nose” Komorr -Bass
  • Joe” The Blanket Noel” Cordina – Drums
  • Shane Joel ” Hair” Southby -Vocals

Queen of Thieves -Album and Touring

  • Craig Robertson- Guitars
  • Danny Komorr – Bass
  • Andy Caveman – Bass
  • Dave Browne – Drums

Stretch of the Imagination – Album and Touring

  • George Larin -Guitar
  • Evan Harris- Bass
  • Dave Browne -Drums
  • Shane Joel Southby – Vocals

Discography :

1988 : Queen of Thieves
1991 : Stretch of the Imagination

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