Hailing from Melbourne, Temujin bring a uniquely Australian perspective to the Gothic Metal genre.  Combining haunting vocals and driving guitars, the Temujin sound is layered and atmospheric.

At the heart of Temuin’s sound is the haunting voice of Kelly.  Her lyrical creativity, keyboard arrangements and vocal melodies are a perfect counterpoint to the brooding, driving riffs.  She pours into her songwriting a passion for music and the ability to observe and chronicle emotions and relationships.

Karl Lean is a founding member and bass player for Australian cult metal band Nothing Sacred.  ‘Sacred carved a path of sonic assault across Australia for 10 years, gigging continuously throughout the Eastern states and recording an EP (“Deathwish”) and two albums (“Let Us Prey” and the unreleased “Nemesis”). After NS, Karl did session work and guest gigs with a number of other Australian Metal bands including Angel of Death, Ion Drive and Spawn.

Discography :

2008 : 1000 Tears (CD) 1000 Tears - Temujin
2011 : 1000 Tears ( Bonus tracks reissued CD) 1000 Tears - Temujin
2011 : Demons (single) 1000 Tears - Temujin

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