Ultimate Fate


  • Jennie “Nord” Soderberg – Vocals
  • Jacob Hede – Guitar
  • Andreas “Lillis” Bergqvist – Keyboards
  • Niklas Fahlen – Bass
  • Ola Olsson – Drums & percussion

Ultimate Fate is a band with one foot in the classic and melodic heavy metal sound and the other in the symphonic genre. All together with the powerful and ethereal voice of Jennie Nord, the sound of Ultimate Fate is quite unique in today’s metal scene!

Ultimate Fate was originally formed by Ola Olsson and guitarist Jacob Hede, both previous members of the Bay Area sounding thrash metal outfit Violator. As both wanted a different approach from what they delivered before, they searched for a female vocalist to front the new project. It didn’t take long before Jennie Nord, by then a brand new light to be explored, entered the group and shortly after bassist Niklas Fahlén was hired aswell.

After the first teaser “The Road To Our Fate” was unveiled in 2008 the band started to get noticed by major rock magazines like Sweden Rock, Close-Up and Gothenburg’s major newspaper Göteborgs Posten aswell. They also made it to the Gothenburg finals in the worldwide covered music competition Emergenza in 2009! The very same year keyboardist Andreas Bergqvist (Strings of Verdandi) joined the group and Ultimate Fate took a step further towards a more symphonic sound.

In April 2011 Ultimate Fate released their new promotion EP – Beyond the Horizon. The EP should be seen as an example of what Ultimate Fate is all about and also be an indication for what is to come – the debut album, which is currently being made! Also in 2011 Oscar Sjöberg (Violator, Strings of Verdandi) joined forces with the band to fill the position as lead guitar player. Oscar is a friend to the band and a very talented musician and there is no doubt he will be a great asset to the band! With all the members coming from different backgrounds and bringing various influences to the band, together they create the strong and unique sound that is Ultimate Fate!

Discography :

2011 : Beyond the Horizon EP Ultimate Fate - Beyond the Horizon EP

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